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Monday, April 21, 2014

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OVB in Europe

The OVB subsidiaries act in the countries


and provide advice to about 3.0 million clients.

Welcome to OVB Holding AG

The OVB Group is a leading European provider of financial services. Learn about our strategy, get an overview of the important key figures, get to know the management team and review the history of OVB.

Annual Report 2013
  International position secures OVB stable
results above the industry trend in 2013
  • OVB believes private pension provision in Germany is at risk
  • Customer growth and stable consultant organisation
  • Dividend constant year on year
  • Change of responsibilities in the German management team
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Current announcements

International position secures OVB stable results above the industry trend in 2013

OVB stable in a difficult environment

OVB strengthens competitive position in first half of 2013

Annual General Meeting of OVB Holding AG:
Into a common future with OVB

Solid first quarter of 2013 for OVB

Demand for good consulting grows – OVB benefits

Thomas Hücker new Head of Operations at OVB

OVB Holding AG: earnings considerably improved

OVB Vermögensberatung AG expands Board of Directors

OVB continues to expand sales power

OVB: ‘Company for entrepreneurs’ is investing further in quality consulting

Q1: OVB increases earnings significantly

OVB Group concludes the 2011 financial year with good results

Annual General Meeting 2013

21 June 2013
Annual General Meeting
Speech of Michael Rentmeister (CEO)

2010 40th anniversary in 2010

In Germany, OVB's home market, the company has 40 years of experience in customer-oriented consulting for private households in the areas of insurance coverage, asset building and appreciation, pension provision and real estate acquisition.


OVB Holding AG – Overview

Basic data

Countries 14
Clients around 3.00 million
Advisors around 5,000
Share 18.55 €
ISIN DE 000 628 656 0


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